Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Peacock Blue Love

Peacock blue has been my new favorite color this season. I've always been a fan as it lends itself to a bohemian design which I adore. I decided I wanted to paint the bedroom and once my mind gets something in its head, there is no way to stop it. The above picture was featured in Domino Magazine (September 2008) with the title Paris Salon. Of course anything French attracts me so I immediatly fell in love.

I love this gem on Park Avenue too done by fabric designer Alan Campbell. I would have loved to do metallic but I couldn't justify the price or time to do it. I eventually decided on Behr Peacock Feather.

The color originally on the walls was there when we bought the house. It worked fine to be the drab "safe" color but now it was time to add our personality into it. I took the picture after I had already started to move furniture around. The bed was under the window.


This is where the magic happens....

and the other magic..lol

My favorite piece, my Peruvian ornate framed mirror


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