Friday, November 21, 2008

Bougainvillea will own your souls

I was perusing some old pics I had posted on flickr of my house when we first moved in and I just wanted to show a comparison of the monster that is the bougainvillea

This pic was taken in October 06, a few months after we moved in. We had planted that bougainvillea on the right as well as another one on the left.

This other shot is of some sea grape plants that we bought in the spring of 07 when we vacationed in the Keys. You can't buy these plants locally in Central FL, so it was a score to be able to bring them home.

And now this pic was taken this morning...and I have trimmed those babies back many many many times. You can also see how big the sea grapes are

and then also to add...I planted my first veggie garden this fall.

Week 3..we planted from seeds and then transplanted

First tomato ever from a small plant purchased earlier in the year


Shawn said...

Very cool! It's so hard to grow vegetable plants in Florida, due to the abundance of sand over soil, but keep at it! My dad always somehow seemed to overcome the dirt problem and could grow some amazing veggies.

We have a bougainvillea at my place. Our TV antenna had fallen from one of the storms (still not sure which one) and the bougainvillea completely grew over it. It was like this enormous mound of plant next to our carport. I've a feeling it was already overtaking the antenna which is why I didn't notice it had fallen at first. We finally trimmed it up. It was disturbing, yet pretty.

Lisa said...

I know it grows like crazy, but bougainvillea is so pretty! So Florida.

Pacing the Panic Room said...

we had a veggie garden this fall and at one point it was huge and lush and I thought I was the most amazing gardner ever.

Sunflowers, peppers, tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, pumpkins, cucumbers, corn, onions, green beans, and strawberries

we had it all growing, and then the bugs came. All 3 rows of corn were wiped out by worms. All the cucumbers were infested with aphids and a fungus disease. The peppers all were devoured by ants, the entire garden just went to shit in like 2 days and I refused to spray poison all over everything. I learned a lot and managed to save the beans.

I can't keep the birds from attacking our tomatoes before we can get to them.

Better luck next time.


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