Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Yay for short weeks

I hope you all out in blog land had a wonderful weekend. Here in the states, most of us had this past Monday off for Memorial Day. I donated some $$ to an old veteran I saw outside the grocery store. He didn't say anything when I walked past and I actually had to ask him what he was collecting money for. 
"Sick veterans!"
I put some money in his jar and he motioned with his hand
"Take a poppy!" 
and handed me a small handmade flower. It was made by the Women's Auxillary Club. I couldn't help but imagine all these old woman sitting around chatting while making these small flowers. 

I went to the beach again this weekend. It is becoming a habit for us, and that makes me happy. I live in Florida and I hate that sometimes you let life get the best of you and forget to enjoy the simple things. We actually saw an alligator and a bobcat while driving out to the state park. I have seen a few gators in my life but I have NEVER seen a bobcat. It was very surreal and looked almost ape like from afar. My husband and I are already talking about going next weekend.

I hope you feel inspired today. This  picture inspired me this morning.


1 comment:

Mariss said...

A BOBCAT!!! Wow! Sounds like a lovely weekend. You make Florida sound so enjoyable, I may just have to move back someday!


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