Friday, November 12, 2010

Fall is Underway

Fall is upon us. I'm excited that here in the sunshine state it stayed below 85 degrees for the better part of this week. It's all relative. Come December I'll still be loving it here, but go ahead and ask me in June. 

I started this wreath at one of our weekly project nights. I repurposed my original Halloween wreath for this new fall one. I bought a jet black one at 70% clearance so I took all the cobwebs and spiders and put it there. You'll have to wait until next year to see it though...

I am really happy with how this came out though. The oranges and red go great against our green front door. I love that my craft addictions had let me have practically everything I needed to do this project. The bird cage I scored at Michaels for $1 a few months ago. I did have to go out and buy the little gourds and fall flowers, but with clearance I paid $1.70 for both. Momma loves those bargains, it makes me not feel so bad for always buying craft stuff!

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