Thursday, April 22, 2010


Don't you love when you find such a bargain that you get giddy at how ridiculous it is? Yesterday to kill some time, I stopped by my favorite used furniture store. They have a great selection of rotating goodies, and all with a fairly reasonable price tag. Imagine my surprise however when I saw this lovely green french velvet chair asking for a new home...and all for a mere $12!!!!!

I asked the shop owner if it was a misprint and she assured me it wasn't. They needed to free up some space. Yes, its missing a seat cushion, but I already have some ideas on how to handle that. It is in near perfect condition, no damage and very clean. My husband has determined that the dark area where the cushion would have been is indeed the original color of the chair, and more then likely this chair sat by a window for a long time. He already has a solution for that so we will try to lighten it, but I'm not in a hurry, especially if a new cushion will cover it.


Now...I am going back to said store in a few minutes to try and negotiate a purple bench I saw a few months ago. It is still there and awfully hidden and cramped in a corner. Very much forgotten. Wish me luck!


honey924 said...

Seriously, wow! That is an unbelievable find. I'm dying to know the name and location of this store (I'm an Orlando native too). Would you be so kind as to spill that secret?

By the way, I found your site on Design Sponge :)

Mme Paulita said...

I suppose I could ;)

But if you take anything that I would like..I'll find ya in your sleep! lol

Its called A Big Full House Collection and its in Casselberry. 435 and Howell Branch


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