Monday, August 30, 2010

Do Fun Stuff!

Ryan was one of the first people I met when I moved to Orlando in 2000. My roommate and I had just settled into our new place and decided to look around at what was nearby. We landed in a small shopping center by the university and found the red lights of a bar called Backbooth inviting us to them. Inside was an amazing selection of beer and a music event practically happening every night in the smallest bar space I had ever been. We became regulars there and quickly settled with the 3 man show running the bar. The boys nicknamed me Chevy. The first, the only, and the best nickname I have ever had. That first night was the beginning of a lot of things for all of us. 

Ten years later and we are far from that little bar scene. When Ryan became a step-father I was so happy. Here was someone else I knew living the life I had been trying to figure out with my step-kids. He started this blog Pacing the Panic Room and completely ran with it. His first posts were my posts. Every time he writes or creates something now I am blown away more than I was before. I'm glad that Ryan found his outlet. 

I couldn't not help him with his cause. My stepchildren are like my own and I would fight till the death for my kids. He has created a kids charity album made with contemporary artists. Brilliant really. Go ahead take a listen...don't worry, its for all of you. 

Check out the link and repost and share the hell out of it!

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