Monday, August 9, 2010

La Vie en rose

Summer is just a wonderful time. Yes, I live in Florida and yes, it feels like the pits of hell outside BUT the idea of summer is something that I can get on board with. My schedule that the family runs on kind of goes out the window and I let go of my responsibilities. 

With that said, I was pretty busy this past week. I was helping my friends at Punkymoms switch over to a new location and my real job had me engrossed in several projects. I did get some time to create and come up with lots of new projects, so I will be sure to share some of those when they are completed. 

In the meantime, my belly is full of mango, and I am dreaming of flowers. I'm not a frou frou girl but I do enjoy a good pattern. By the way, I just started watching Work of Art - the competition à la Top Chef style on Bravo. It was a good time lounging on the couch yesterday in the rain and watching. For good measure, I watched an episode of Jersey Shore to appease the reality tv gods.

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