Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I attempted to watch a movie on Sunday. I should rephrase that. I attempted to watch a movie with French subtitles on Sunday. Coco before Chanel had been on my list for awhile. Once upon a time it seemed to be a relaxing thing for me to do. I watched most of it, but ended up stopping it as I had a certain little girl who demanded my attention. I didn't mind. I need to cherish the times that she actually wants to hang out with me cause I know those days are numbered. 

Anyways, Chanel holds a special place in my heart. In college I was lucky enough that when I worked at cosmetic counters it was for Chanel. I had my first small bottle (sample) from my mother before I was ten. I remember putting on Number 5 like it was liquid gold. It just makes you feel fancy. So for Mlle Coco Chanel today, I give you some beautiful black and white rooms. 

No Parisian apartment is complete without loft windows

Lonny Mag via Greige

Coco herself at Paris Apartment

à bientôt

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Splenderosa said...

Rue de Vamp. What a brilliant name!
I'm visiting from Jules @ The Diversion Project. Your blog is beaufiful, I even like the header & side panels. You've only just begun, what a trip is in store for you. I'm following. xx's


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