Monday, October 25, 2010

If I can make it there...

On the outside looking in

I went away this weekend. One of my best friends is packing her things up and moving to the Big Apple. This by no means is my first friend to do this, but rather someone my age (30 and change) who is leaving it all behind and starting something new. She was having a going away party this past weekend. It's bittersweet. I am beside myself though. I'm crazy happy for her, and yet devastated about missing her. I guess this is even more of a reason to go visit NY more often. Every time I go, I always say "Yes, I'll be back soon"...and then life gets in the way.

Explore your curiosity

I also saw some family while out of town. My Tio (Spanish for Uncle) owns an Antique Shop in West Palm Beach's Antique Row. There are hundreds of antique shops down there. It puts Orlando's Antique Row to shame. I had a good time looking around his store. I drooled over so many items, especially the ones that were more than my salary. 
Things are not what they seem

My uncle also gave me an awesome mid-century lamp. I'll take proper pics and post about it later this week. Right now, it's Monday, and life is getting in the way...

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Atticmag said...

Guarantee that when you come to NYC to visit your friend you will want to move here too. It is the best city every for anyone in their 30s! Work hard, play hard. Thanks for stopping by. Jane F.


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