Wednesday, October 27, 2010


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Today I am celebrating 3 years of marriage! I have been looking at some wedding shots this morning and just remembering how good of a party it was. Intimate and boisterous. I tried to do as much as I could by myself and slowly made myself crazy. Not Bridezilla crazy. A friend gave me advice after his wedding, and I still give it to all the people I know getting married. All the things you think that matter don't. It doesn't matter what shade the napkins are, it isn't what people remember about that day. 

My theme mixed my love of nautical prints with the Spanish elegance of black lace. That's an easy way to say it. I was all over the place in my design.  I had a lot of fun planning it though. Especially getting good deals on stuff. 

I made my own save the dates with a friend. 

The groom and I

My tribute to those friends and family that had passed. My family hated this.

Anyways, have a great Wednesday everybody. Will be back tomorrow with more design inspirations. 


Mariss said...

What a lovely wedding! You're so right about the details, I couldn't have agreed more. I always say, everyone just remembers how they felt, and if they could see over the centerpieces to the people across from them.

Love the calveras / cake toppers and your tribute to your loved ones.

Anonymous said...

dude. the cake topper was the best! that was MY favorite (not to mention the cake itself!)

Happy Anniversary.




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