Tuesday, January 26, 2010


When I bought my first house I hadn't really been much of a bird watcher. We were lucky however to have a family of Cardinals living in our backyard. I went out immediately and bought a feeder and watched the couple teach their youngest how to fly. Ever since then, I can admit now that I have become somewhat of a bird nerd. I actively seek out my guidebook whenever I see a feathered friend pass me by. The Cardinal however always stops me with their distinct chirp and I find myself looking up to find them.
The Cardinal has been chosen by seven states to be their official state bird. It can be seen throughout the twelve months of the year and their eggs hatch in twelve days. This number twelve is why some believe that they are lucky. When a Cardinal flies into your life, you can expect a change for the better, so always be sure to welcome the Cardinal to your windowsill.

1. Mr and Mrs Cardinal print set $20.00 2. Vinyl Decals Stickers--Cardinals and Aspens $75.00 3. Cardinal Teapot and matching cups $75.00 4. Flannel Pillow $16.00 5. Dish Towel $6.75 6. Hang Tag $5.00 7. Pocket Mirror $6.00 8. Underneath the Cardinals Print $12.50 9. Scrabble Tile Pendant $6.95


Hannah Braden said...

A friend of mine says "Cardinals mean money"

Beachbrights said...

You're my winner of Martha Stewart's Craft Book. Sorry to be leaving you a comment here, but you did not provide an email address :)


I need your shipping address.



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