Friday, May 21, 2010

Hello from Florida Parking Space Takeover

Last night I had the rare opportunity to be able to go out with my husband during the week. Its not something that happens often, our schedules are so busy, but we welcome a date night anytime we can get it. I was so excited that were were able to go out into our city and attend a photography exhibit opening. Be all artsy and stuff. A friend of mine was showing his work for the first time at this event and as an added bonus, food was being done by a local personal favorite food blogger Honest Fare

The event was titled Hello from Florida: Photographs from the Sunshine State. It was part of a larger event, Snap, that is going on this weekend downtown. I love Florida, I love my life here, and I love the beauty of our state. The show was great. My friend's work was hands down the best in there. Seriously Ryan.  

Fred, Gulf coast fisherman

After the show we walked down the street and I ran into some other friends of mine were apart of another unique project. The Daily City is hands down the best local blog and last night they were doing one of their Mobile Art Shows in a Parking Space. They laid down some astro turf and some beach chairs and made a "park" on the streets of downtown. Eventually Mrbikecop had them move off of the street and onto the sidewalk. It was a nice night to be out. We had fun.

My husband and I and some park dwellers

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Angie said...

Florida rules. The exhibit sounds awesome--would have loved to see it.


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