Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I Want: Colorful Dining Chairs

I love color! I love bright walls that scream HELLO! LOOK AT ME! My husband, not so much. You should have seen the look on his face when I told him once that I wanted to paint our living room walls bright magenta. Needless to say I didn't...

An obvious way I have found to satisfy that color desire is to put some bright accessories in your home. Furniture is the next biggest thing, aside from walls, that will give you the bold look you desire. I've really been attracted to as of late..bright chairs!

Bam! BLANK├ľ chairs from Ikea $19.99


My FAVORITE Tolix Dining Chairs.
French-made *sigh* 
Rugged Galvanized steel *double sign*

Pottery Barn is selling them for $199/each

Terai Folding Chair @ Anthropologie $198

111 Navy Chair made from plastic bottles. $230 at DWR

And for some outdoor fun...Saw Italy - No idea on the price. My Italian is good, but not that good!

I have a few wooden chairs that were gifted to me by a good friend a few weeks ago. I am going to attempt to paint them when I can find some time, and I really hope that in my new living space, that I can put a few brightly colored chairs there.


Mariss said...

Oh yeah. The Tolix chairs are some of my all time favorites. I'd love mine in bright yellow, I'm a sucker for pops of brightness too, and enamel like surfaces. Ahhhh. Maybe with an old farmhouse table someday... :)

Lacey from Weekends at Home said...

Oh my, oh my. I want, no NEED those Saw Italy chairs. They are beyond fabulous.


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