Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Look Up: Painted Ceilings

I think adding some color to ceilings is a great way to take a room and really have it stand out. Ceiling paints are usually flat, but you can use an eggshell or satin finish. Just make sure your ceiling is free of imperfections because if you use a dark color, those marks will show up a lot more. 

I am really digging this take on adding color to your outdoor covered deck via Sunset

Palm Beach influenced room at Desire to Inspire

A bit much?? A Tromp L'oeil ceiling at about.com

No post is complete without some Black ceilings at Apartment Therapy - I love the look but I can't decide whether I hate the chandelier decals more or the fact that this dressing room belongs to Miley Cyrus.


Hannah Braden said...

I love painted ceilings! I can see you taking that route with the entry way in the new house :)

Mariss said...

I can never decide how I feel about painted ceilings. I think I dig them though.

I actually like the red one. It reminds me of the annunciation in all the old religious paintings. Maybe in some really tacky gold ;)


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