Friday, February 5, 2010


 . . since you shouldn't tarry,
And in this town there's no apothecary,
I will myself go find some herbs for you
That will be good for health and pecker too
-Chaucer, Canterbury Tales


Kandas - Custom Furniture Consultant said...

I love Chaucer! What a fun collection of herbs and wares. Thanks so much for featuring our Apothecary Toaster Cover.

satakieli said...

Love apothecary jars, I've been trying to get my hands on some antique german ones while I'm here.

Meg said...

love it... wouldn't it be fun to have all these old looking bottles on your bathroom cupboard! it would add so much spice to my boring apartment bathroom :)

JD Reckart said...

Love, love, love poison and apothocary bottles...
You and I seem to have the same sense of aesthetics.


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