Monday, February 15, 2010

Learn Something New Everyday: Knock Out Roses

I've always loved roses, but always considered them out of my reach as the occasional gardener. I have a large collection of orchids, but their care is pretty easy in my eyes. I can handle a few potted plants, but I don't have the time to really cultivate something. I was glad to learn about this variety of roses from one of my gardener buddies. I will be looking out for them next time I visit a nursery. I may even wait until the annual Leu Gardens Plant Sale since it is happening in only a few weeks. We usually get our new plants there.

  • disease resistant
  • generous bloom cycle (5-6 weeks)
  • self-cleaning
  • thrive in almost every area of the country
  • easy to care for
Photo Credit - A Beautiful Yard via flickr


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