Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Painting appliances? posted this picture on their facebook page the other day. It could be a dead ringer for our kitchen in the house that we currently rent. The downfalls of renting (and I'm sure we could all name a few...) is that there is minimal things you can do when the place isn't yours. We have a pretty good arrangement with our landlord that we can update things here or there and deduct it from our rent. We have repainted some rooms and switched out some lighting and accessories. Works out for him of course!

Now that picture isn't an exact picture because we don't have stainless steel appliances (some white, some beige), we don't have wood cabinets with beautiful details (white cheap ones), our countertops are not marble (gray formica), and the window isn't huge with gorgeous molding (old black window that cannot be open) BUT IT'S THE SAME SHAPE YA'LL!

Anyways, one of the main items that bugs me in the kitchen is that the fridge and exhaust are a beige color, but the dishwasher and stove are white. I've been doing some research and it looks as though there are paints out there that you can use to update these appliances. I obviously would choose to have the appliances be white instead of beige.

The spray one seems to be the most popular and cheapest solution (about $6/can). I am going to keep researching...I've seen other sites out there saying you can roll on paint. This would be easier for me so I could keep the project inside. I do not feel like moving the fridge outside for this project. Its too cold anyways and this is only a rental house :)

Anybody have any experience or words of wisdom?


Angie said...

We painted a fridge using appliance spraypaint before--it wasn't terribly difficult, but the quality was just okay. To be fair, we used black paint which may be more difficult to do well. You have to tape everything, clean it well, and then use a brillo pad to rough it up (if I remember correctly). The results were pretty good, but we did get some flaking.

viewrainn said...

I painted my refrigerator with chalkboard paint. Fun for the kiddo and a great place for random inspirations. I primed it first and used a foam brush and chalkboard paint I got at lowes. It's flaked a little over the 5 or so years it's been painted but it's a easy fix.

Mme Paulita said...

thanks ladies xox


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