Thursday, February 18, 2010

French Market Party : Inspiration to Reality

This is a couple months late, but at the end of November I threw myself a birthday party. I was trying to think of a theme, something fun and concise, and it was pretty clear that I had to do something French. I tailored it a little bit more and decided to make it a French market. I envisioned the colors of Provence and tables filled with amazing food. Man, did we run with this! I came up with this story board when I was starting to plan it. 

We had to have the right food. Our menu consisted of fresh baguettes from the local french bakery, 5 different kinds of cheeses, a crazy amount of sliced meats, homemade tapenade, small quiches, lots of fresh fruits, tarts, and cookies. Oh and 3 different bottles of wine!

The decor was insane. We decided to have the party in the front of my house. It is on a busy road so we (my husband) constructed a wall out of pvc pipes. We bought a bunch of muslin cotton and used it to hang as a makeshift wall. Once that baby was up, I couldn't tell you how many cars would slow down as they passed our house. What was going on behind the curtains?? I did a bunch of crafts; painted chalkboards, made vases with vintage French labels, made shabby chic bird houses, and made my own wine tags with French vocabulary.

It was definitely a memorable night. At that time it was really one of our first cold nights so we had two fires going on. I asked everyone to dress up in their best French attire so everyones scarves and berets helped keep them warm. It was perfect.


Julia said...

It really was a great party and the ambiance and decor were spot-on!!

Lisa said...

So cute! I'm glad you posted some pics.


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