Friday, March 26, 2010


I was very fortunate to win a giveaway a few weeks ago from Nostalgems after becoming a fan on her facebook page. I first discovered Rina Ward's etsy shop while researching apothecary bottles months ago. She makes the most darling jewelery using small bottles and little mementos of far off places. 

Don't you love receiving letters from far off places? I do. I love to look at the stamps and imagine how far it traveled. Auckland is far off for me (8,082 miles to be exact).

Anyways, I won a small accordion story book of Alice in Wonderland.

It is so adorable. I think I may but it in a small bottle and sit it on my desk, or perhaps but it on a windowsill.  

Thank you Rina!


Hannah Braden said...


Rina said...

Hi Paula, your blog is a lovely find as well! Glad you liked your little paper accordion:-) Rina


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