Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is a coming...

First it really time to change our clocks? I cannot believe that this weekend starts Daylight Savings aka LOSE an hour. I do look forward to being able to go out for a walk after work without it being dark however. Florida is going to be beautiful this week. I heard today that it might reach 80. I can't wait to wear a tank top again. I've enjoyed the cold, but I just don't have a winter wardrobe. I've been wearing the same few sweaters in rotation. Lame!

One of my dearest friend M has her own landscaping company, Mariposa Gardens. She just planted some beautiful flowers to showcase spring. I love the pop of colors. I may need to fill up those containers on my porch with a little color themselves.

Any ideas amies on what she could put in this container? There are two of them on her clients property. I suggested maybe wrapping some creeping fig around it or putting some bushes of English lavender. Whatever she chooses, I am still a tad jealous.


Hannah Braden said...

I'm ready for spring too! I want to pick up some colorful flowers for my porch and I can't wait for Leu Gardens plant sale :)

I'm not looking forward to losing an hour in the morning though.. it really throws me off!

dianajeanne said...

I can't wait for the plant sale. We will probably go Sunday so Mike can help. I have so many pots to fill!


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